Looking for a consistent stream of highly targeted leads?

A Chrome Extension to automate
LinkedIn invitations and send auto follow‑up messages

Reach hundreds of new targeted leads every day with a click of a button.
Build trust on autopilot and get 10x more replies with personalized invites and automated follow up messages.

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Do you know what is one of the biggest mistakes people do
when it comes to prospecting on LinkedIn?

They try to sell in the first message. Right away.

And you know why it's the best way to kill your conversion?

Because nowadays most sells come from relationship.

That means if you want to stand out,
you have to engage and to build trust first.

Personalized LinkedIn invitations and automated follow‑ups in 3 steps

Now it's your turn to work with your new warm leads.

If you are looking to improve your conversion make sure to build trust over time.

Only after that offer your services.

The good news? You don't have to do it manually anymore.

With InTouch Tool you can craft your sequence
and just click the "start" button to build trust on autopilot.

So how would your business transform if you could reach out to
500 new targeted leads every day and convert 5% of them?

It's 25 new clients a day or 750 new clients a month.

Let's do a real quick check?

Just put 3 numbers below to see how much you can make with such a shift:

"Over the last month I've reached out to about leads
and of them became my clients. Each client worth $ on average."
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Wait, but LinkedIn has their limits on daily usage, don't they?

Yes, you are totally right - they do.
And that's why we've inbuilt usage protection for you right in the InTouch Tool.
So you can control your daily limits to protect your LinkedIn profile from overusing it.

Daily limits protection

You can specify your sending limits and InTouch Tool will automatically track your daily usage and adjust your sending queue so you never exceed those limits.

Activity spikes protection

LinkedIn doesn't appreciate big activity spikes so InTouch Tool will guide you when it's safe to further increase your sending limits

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Frequently asked question

InTouch Tool is an intuitive and easy to use chrome extension that can automate LinkedIn invitations and automatically followup with those who accepted your connection request.
InTouch Tool can automate LinkedIn cold outreach or the top of your funnel, so you spend your time only on the conversations with those who are interested.

Just specify your target audience and messages sequence and InTouch Tool will do the rest. It knows when to send, whom to send and what message to send as well as when to stop so you never have to track that manually anymore.
Yes. Set any custom delay between each message and InTouch Tool will send each message according to that schedule. You can find your delays settings under the "Messages" tab of your campaign.
No. If you've sent an invitation request, there is no way to contact them further unless they accept it. However, LinkedIn will follow up with them for you - LinkedIn will send several email reminders automatically to increase your connection rate.

And once they've accepted your invitation, InTouch Tool will automatically keep sending messages based on your sequence and the schedule you've set.
We believe in simple and beautiful applications so we didn't release any tutorials on purpose.

Instead, we did our best to make InTouch Tool as intuitive and self-explanatory as possible - just give it a try and let InTouch Tool guide you through the process.
And if you still have any questions, feel free to drop us a message at support@intouchtool.com and we'll do our best to address them right away!

Check how much you can earn
with each plan.

Just put the two numbers below:

I can convert leads at about % rate
One client worth $ on average

Free Forever

$0 / mo

  • Pro trial for 7 days
  • 5 invites/day included
  • 5 message/day included
  • 2 campaigns
  • CSV import
  • Personalized templates
  • Campaign statistics
  • Sales Navigator support


not billed

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$9 / mo


Billed Annually

  • 25 invites/day included
  • 25 message/day included
  • 3 campaigns
  • CSV import
  • Personalized templates
  • Campaign statistics
  • Sales Navigator support
  • Single LinkedIn account
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$19 / mo


Billed Annually

  • 50 invites/day included
  • 50 message/day included
  • 5 campaigns
  • CSV import
  • Personalized templates
  • Campaign statistics
  • Sales Navigator support
  • Single LinkedIn account
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Sales Navigator


$89 / mo


Billed Annually

  • Unlimited invites/day
  • Unlimited message/day
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • CSV import
  • Personalized templates
  • Campaign statistics
  • Sales Navigator support
  • Single LinkedIn account
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